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About Noelia

Since founding her firm over 14 years ago, Noelia has had the pleasure of working with clients all over the country. With an intelligent integration of architecture and interior design, many of her clients have returned many times over to create new abodes. Originally based in New York City, Noelia focused on a wide range of residences throughout the county, providing a complete range of design services that reflect both her signature style and her clients. “I don’t have just one design aesthetic. I design for my clients so each project is unique.” This delicate balancing act encompasses not only great design and true innovation but also personal, friendly, modern, and outstanding service.

A graduate of Interior Design from Florida State University Noelia began her career on the famed Worth Ave in Palm Beach.  There she trained under a decorator honing her skills and working with clients from all over the world.  In 2005 she moved to New York City where she founded her firm NSD. Noelia has completed polished interiors in many of Manhattan’s “it” buildings such as the iconic landmark The Dakota, Time Warner, Trump World Tower at United Nations Plaza, and The Laureate.  The resulting environments are inviting, delightful, and above all resolutely livable. Noelia’s attention to detail and demand for excellence is reflected in her long-standing relationships with her clients. Her personal commitment and hands-on involvement with each client are always at the forefront of each project. This ensures a seamless design and installation where clients can always be proud to present their home.